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BEST OF SOLUTIONS LLC. performs various advice in the capital policy others management including an up round and the down round of the company

BEST OF SOLUTIONS LLC. assumes the mergers and acquisitions such as management buyout, sale, a merger, joint management, the strategic capital, business tie-up a nucleus and does multifaceted support before the choice of the object company reaching the business making a promise

 In the mergers and acquisitions, there are a variety of forms such as the purchase, corporate participation, a merger, a business transfer, and the purpose enlarges a commercial domain, too, and technique introduction, the capital reinforcement, the succession of a business, talented person security vary. It becomes important that everybody gets advice by the high technical knowledge and experience, know-how to support these

 BEST OF SOLUTIONS LLC. use the tough combined network for satisfy every needs and investigate the information that is getting with compound eyes and analyze it

 And BEST OF SOLUTIONS LLC. provides the best of solutions


August 1, 2014


Office Locations:
2-30-3, Higashi-Yukigaya, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan     145-0065


Representive partner:

Minoru  Hayashi


 The limited partner

Sachie Hayashi


Correspondent financial institution:


Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank

Japan Post Bank



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https:// best-co.tokyo


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